The next 35 years

The next 35 years

100,000 changemakers

Within the next 35 years of the programme, a further 50,000 people will be equipped with the opportunity to become changemakers as a result of their Chevening Award if current levels of funding are maintained.

That could equate to hundreds of more leaders with the brightness of Bogolo, the heart of Panut, the passion of Silvia, and the endurance of William – all impacting lives the world over.

Chevening prepares today’s future leaders for tomorrow, and the issues that the global community will face tomorrow will require innovation, collaboration, courage, and leadership to overcome. We believe that our partners are a vital part of the solution.

Supporting the movement

Chevening will continue to support future leaders from all over the world by building international bridges through education. But, in order to sustain the scale and impressive impact made so far, Chevening requires new partners to become part of the movement.

By investing in the education of the next generation of talent our partners help change the lives of aspirational and outstanding professionals who will go on to work together to make the world a better place and who will in turn, inspire the next generation.

Pledge your support towards the vital role education plays in changing lives by working with us to invest in the leaders of tomorrow, leaders who will transform the future.

We’d be delighted to discuss partnership opportunities with you.

Support the movement