Sandra Guzmán

💼 Founder and Coordinator, The Climate Finance Group for Latin America and the Caribbean

🎓 MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation, London School of Economics and Political Science (2012)

Sandra is an environmental protection expert, who works on issues relating to climate change, energy management, sustainable transport, air quality, and biofuels. Through her work with the Climate Finance Group, she is involved in the development of environmental policy and law in Mexico, with a goal of reducing emissions in the energy and transport sectors at a national level.

In 2017, Sandra was chosen to participate in the Homeward Bound Project (HBP), an initiative to empower women in the field of science to further their environmental work. This one year programme concluded with a trip to Antarctica.

Sandra is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of York, researching the conditions that promote or hinder mainstreaming climate change in the public expenditure of developing countries.

‘Chevening helped me to build my career, strengthen my capacities, and broaden my knowledge. Since the Chevening experience, I feel like a more powerful woman!’

Sandra Guzmán
What motivated you to apply for Chevening?

In 2006, I started working on issues of climate change and I became very interested in environmental policy-making. In particular, I was interested in examining international climate negotiations, and how they can be translated and implemented as policy at the national level.

Having conducted some research, I saw that the UK was at the forefront of a lot of innovative work related to climate change. Additionally, I knew that the UK had played a strong advisory role in the development of Mexico’s climate change law. I was eager to study in the UK to learn from these global experts.

How did the experience of having studied in the UK influence you?

My career and my life changed through the work I was exposed to in the UK. The network that I gained through the Chevening year was incredible. I met a number of people working in the environmental sector, which greatly enhanced my professional network, and I also made friends for life.

What message would you share with the next generation of Chevening Scholars?

Never give up! It sometimes may seem like it’s going to be impossible to achieve your dreams but if you work hard enough, you can do whatever you want. Dream big, work hard, and be part of the change that the world needs.

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