Jerome Cowans

💼 Jamaica House Research Fellow, Office of the Prime Minister of Jamaica

🎓 MSc Management Operations, University of Birmingham (2015)

Jerome is an activist and researcher who has been working towards empowering young people in Jamaica’s most disadvantaged communities for more than half his life.

Realising problems in his own community stemmed from a lack of youth support, he co-founded Leaders Endeavouring for Adolescent Development (LEAD) when he was only 13 years old. The project provides personal development opportunities for young people, so they will go on to better futures. During his time in the UK as a Chevening Scholar, Jerome continued to coach ten students from Jamaica, using online platforms.

In 2014, Jerome became the first Jamaican to win the CIVICUS Nelson Mandela Innovation Award and in 2015 he was made a Queen’s Young Leader. He currently serves on a Youth Advisory Board to the Jamaican Government and is a lecturer at the International University of the Caribbean.

The UK is filled with great opportunities that can transform your life.

What is the most important thing you learned during your experience?

I learned to be flexible. The Chevening journey brought many challenges for a young leader from a small island. I had to constantly adjust to ensure I met all the goals I set, and really benefit from the experience.

Jerome Cowans

What message/advice would you share with the next generation of Chevening Scholars?

Make the most of your journey by seeking out leadership and networking opportunities outside of what is provided to you by your university. The UK is filled with great opportunities that can transform your life.

What does Chevening mean to you?

Chevening is an amazing platform that enables true personal and professional development. It has changed my life for the better.